Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Custom Website

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Custom Website

We all know that a business needs a professional website to present itself in the best way. To increase your brand awareness and reputation, having a professional website is a must. Our team of UX experts shared with us 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Custom Website.

Your website should not only offer information about your brand, products, and services, but also be engaging and easy to navigate.

A flawless website design can be all the lure you need to attract potential clients to your business. To help you get a leg up over the competition, we have shared 5 common mistakes to avoid when developing a custom website!

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Custom Website

Our outstanding Sydney team of web designers shared with us the most common errors we encountered when analysing new clients’ existing websites in order to provide them with custom web development:

5 Common Mistakes

Not Following a Design Thinking Approach Prior to Implementation

Most designers fail to make a layout of the website on paper and follow a design-thinking approach. This is a major mistake when it comes to developing a custom website.

It is important to carry out extensive research to understand the needs of the users. Moreover, following a design thinking approach helps in identifying the project scope and goals, understanding user requirements, building business features, and harnessing the full capabilities of the technologies at hand.

Not Considering the Security of the Website

Website security is an integral part of website development and also a common oversight among website developers.

This technical aspect must be part of the overall architecture of a website. If developers prioritise website security right from the start, they can potentially avoid a lot of security loopholes.

For instance, business-critical data must be put behind payment walls and authentication. By considering this issue during the design stage, several potential problems can be avoided.

Adding too much Content

While offering too little information to your customers is always risky, the same goes for cluttering your website with a mountain of content. If you provide your customers with too much information, you risk making it difficult for them to understand the products or services on display.

It is a common mistake made by designers who tend to overwhelm their visitors with an excess of resources, resulting in a super-cluttered website.

It is important to have a proper layout beforehand to avoid scalability issues in the website design.

Irrelevant or Poor Images

Graphics and images are integral to any website. When they are properly inserted into the website, they convey the right message to the visitors.

However, when done wrong (as is often the case), it leaves the visitors confused. Ensure that you add high-quality images to the website that are relevant to the content and your business model.

Using low-quality or irrelevant images will definitely affect your conversions. Our team can provide you with high-quality images.

Lack of a Clear CTA

Finally, another major web design mistake that can be found quite commonly is the lack of a clear CTA. A clear “Call to Action” is the cornerstone of any website. Adding a hot CTA at the right place can lead to a lot of conversions, but overdoing them might also irritate your prospects.

Hence, it is crucial to find the right balance to boost the conversion rate of your website.


And there you have it! These are the top 5 most common errors made while developing a custom website. Since a website can easily be regarded as the most valuable asset for a business, it is important to ensure that it is created flawlessly. Don’t you want to take this hassle on yourself? An experienced digital agency can help you create one for your business.

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