Any company’s website design needs to provide a compelling experience to first-time visitors, and first impressions are 94% design-related. 

It’s worth hiring a web design agency.

A website bespoke to your brand and target audience is an absolute necessity to remain competitive. But designing the right website to engage your audience is challenging. Our Web Design Agency has been providing bespoke websites to local businesses for over 5 years, following high standards of design and development.

Our process includes user research, wireframing, and prototyping to get feedback from customers. This is followed by user testing and final revisions. 

In today’s world, increasing an online presence is necessary to remain competitive. A tailored website is part of the solution to build a brand’s trust and loyalty. A feature-rich website helps drive more clients and revenue. Our web designers specialised in interaction design, customer journey mapping, and seamless coding.

Our crew of experienced web developers, digital marketing specialists, and SEO experts delivers high-quality and tailored services. It makes Sydney Digital Agency an unparalleled WordPress web design agency. With 12+ years of experience, we provide Sydney’s top web development solutions to our clients. This technological know-how, along with our creative team, allows us to deliver the best services.


We are a web design agency based in Sydney specialising in bespoke website development for local businesses. All our designs focus on connecting with each of our clients’ specific target audiences. 

Our websites are not built to be pretty, they are built to drive traffic and convert a specific type of people – your ideal client!

For each of our websites, we have a 4 steps process:

  • Analysis and strategy
  • User Experience
  • Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
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Each business is unique. We design websites to fit each client’s target audience and specific needs, aligned with their long-term goals. We take in designing unique User Experiences (UX) for each of our clients.

As a Sydney local business, our web design company understands the local market. We have worked with hundreds of business owners in Australia, mostly in Sydney, collecting valuable data about how to reach the local community.

Whether your marketing channels are referral marketing, social media, SEO, or paid ads, your website is most likely your conversion tool. Your website is the online face of your business and it is crucial that it reflects the quality of your services and products. Therefore, your website needs to be designed and developed in consistency with your branding and marketing channels, focused on your target audience, and taking into account your competition. Our web developers understand the local market, providing our clients with a competitive edge.


Our agency proudly designs customised websites for local business owners that reflect their professionalism and display their Unique Value Proposition. Sydney is a very competitive market for small business owners. In order to survive, a business must Stand Out From The Digital Chaos.  

By engaging with our creative website design services, you don’t just buy a website, you buy a complete digital solution made in Sydney, for your local audience.

As a web design company in Australia, we follow local quality standards. This enables our clients to remain competitive, in a market where businesses invest heavily in professional websites.

Our team understands the local market, and our strategy and technical expertise, as well as our responsiveness, enable us to fulfill our client’s requests and respond to the shifts in the market.

Developing a competitive website enables our client to display WHY clients should pick them instead of one of their competitors.

Want to see work we have done for the local businesses? Look at our portfolio!



A local web design agency

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. As a high-standard web design company, we ensure that our services are delivered flawlessly. We have worked with various industries such as fashion, real estate, cosmetics, printing, construction, and wine export, all Australian businesses, mostly from Sydney. We take pride in building customised, professional websites with optimised customer experiences and creating an engaging brand image, that enables your local target audience to connect with your business. We are a result-driven local website design agency based in Sydney. We have been operating for 8 years in Sydney, gaining knowledge about the local businesses but also collecting valuable insights about the local community which is reflected in the quality of our services, designed specifically for each audience.

Our web design costs will vary according to each project, depending on the number of pages, options, and integration that your website will require.


As a leading website design company in Sydney, we have worked with 100+ small businesses, building their brand’s online presence.

As an agency, we understand what works and what doesn’t for local businesses. We offer a set of affordable small business web design packages that are tailor-made for your brand and clients.

Our custom web design packages provide small business owners with a quality website at a pocket-friendly cost.

Catering Website Design and develoment portfolio and Development Portfolio
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We thrive on building bespoke websites that will showcase the uniqueness of our clients.

By understanding each one of our clients’ needs and getting to know their audience, we offer unique and refined website design services, enabling them to stand out from the competition.


With our fully integrated and easy-to-use eCommerce web design packages, selling online has never been easier.

From small eCommerce websites to large online marketplaces, our eCommerce experts provide flawless website solutions.

Our creative and mobile-friendly eCommerce websites are designed to be easy to use by clients as well as eCommerce operators.

Ecommerce we design project for Veeraa Rugs
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For companies wishing to expand overseas, a multilingual website enables your business to establish its presence abroad. The success of an international business depends on its ability to adapt to the market.

Our sister agency, Horizon Multilingual Web Design, develops multicultural and multilingual websites that resonate with audiences across the globe.

The Benefits of Custom Web Development

Custom User Experience

In order to deliver a high-converting website, the User Experience (UX) needs to be specifically designed for an audience, and consistent with your content, branding and goals. 

Before starting on a design, our customised website development agency in Sydney creates a website strategy based on your business model. This includes an analysis of the pain points of your target audience to design an adequate user journey. 

Our goal is to create a smooth and pleasant user journey, connect with your audience, and encourage them to engage through a call-to-action. 

mobile firendly website

Custom Development Solutions

What platform should you use? 

This is a common question, and there is no answer that fits all business needs. A better question is: Which website platform is the best option for my specific needs? 

Depending on your marketing and website goals and required integrations, our web development team can recommend a choice of technologies with different functions. We are mainly a WordPress design agency as most local businesses have strong SEO needs, and WordPress is one of the best platforms to deliver successful SEO campaigns for SMEs. If your integrations or business goals require working with another technology, our developers can also work with other platforms such as Drupal or Webflow. We do not work with non-professional solutions such as Wix. 

Whether you need to build a website that can be high performing for SEO, highly converting for digital paid ads, or simply provide the right information, our agency can provide a tailored solution for your business.

Why Choose Our Web Design Agency?

Strategic Approach

The key to a high-converting website is a strategic user experience, which presents uniqueness to visitors.

Our professional websites create an immersive experience by capturing an audience’s attention, encouraging them to engage with your brand, and then responding to a call to action.


Our SEO team works alongside our development team in our website design and development projects. By ensuring your website is SEO optimised, it gains visibility and traffic. A great website is of no use if it can’t be found by your target customers.

We stand out from most Sydney web design agencies as we have this capability in-house, with an integrated approach throughout the build process.

Tech Experts

Strategically designed websites convert visitors into customers. The key to a high conversion rate is a strategic user experience, from the design to the content, passing through hundreds of details to lead a website visitor through an engaging experience.

Our Websites' Features

Custom-Made Design

All our website designs are unique and tailor-made to our client's brand identity and audience to deliver an optimised conversion rate and a positive user experience.

Optimised content

Visual and written content to optimise online visibility and enhance website conversions.


Over 55% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. With this number increasing every year, it is more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly web design!

Data Analytics

By adding detailed sales and website traffic report generators within your online platform, you are able to collect data that gives valuable insight into your audience and their response to your products or content.

Our Web Design & Development Agency Process

Web design planning

concept & content

Web development

Adjustments and SEO


Thinking about starting on your website project? That’s great news!

But before even picking a solution and starting on the design, there are a few things you should think about, which will affect the efficiency of your website.

Here are 5 important factors you should consider before starting on the work. 


Templates are not made to fit your specific needs and are not created with your specific audience in mind. Is your audience tech-savvy? Do they use their mobile, tablet, or laptop more? How old are they? We take into account a variety of factors to ensure that your interface is built for your audience. Templates don’t do that. 

Wix isn’t a professional builder platform. It has very limited customisation features, and poor coding, which makes the websites slow, and isn’t built for SEO. You can create a website with Wix if you want, but it would not be of professional quality.

This depends on the technology used on your website. If you purchase a small business package, we use a professional website builder which enables our clients to make basic edits such as updating content. For more complex solutions, such as Drupal or Hard Coded WordPress websites, it’s best to ask us about required edits.

We have a great team of copywriting contractors, each specialising in a specific topic or industry. You can choose to provide the content or hire our copywriting services. We advise you to use professional services as writing for marketing purposes and/or SEO purposes requires a certain set of skills

Costs vary depending on your marketing and technical needs. Contact us to enquire about a quote.

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