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What are Digital Ad Campaigns and Which One Should You Use?

What are Digital Ads?

The simple definition is the process of distributing promotional materials through online platforms.

Most people surf the internet, have social media accounts, apps on their smartphones, etc. Facebook has reached 2.7 billion users in 2020. Try to picture the number of people you could have access to if you were to launch a digital ad campaign on one of the major platforms.

As we are living in the age of data, the digital advertising industry has attained an incredible level of precision. Data collected on search engines, websites, apps, and social media enables advertisers not only to reach the exact audience that they are targeting but also to collect data about how the ad is perceived and its level of success.

digital campaign process

Digital ad campaigns are commonly known as PPC (Pay Per Click). Every time someone clicks on an ad shown on a website or a platform, it will charge a certain amount in exchange for the click. There’re several other types of campaigns as well to help you if your objective is awareness, lead generation, or sales.

However, at Sydney Digital Agency, we recommend that for lead generation and general digital advertising, use the main search engines and social media, as they are the safest and have the most complete set of data.

The Main Digital Ad Campaigns Platforms

There are a number of digital ad campaign platforms available. The selection of the right platform depends on your business industry, the objective of campaign, and the target audience. Majorly three platforms are popular for most industries: Google, Instagram, and Facebook. Each platform has specific characteristics.

Furthermore, if you’re solely in the B2B space, you can also leverage the ad platform of LinkedIn. But before running ad campaigns, make sure you you’ve got a flawless website. If you don’t have until now, contact our personalised website design agency.

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As mentioned earlier, there is a broad choice of platforms you could use, depending on the industry and environment your business is operating in. In order to succeed, your marketing strategy must align with every platform. For instance, if your campaign’s creatives don’t follow the same brand identity, they won’t perform well.

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Google Ads

Google Ads has a wide range of options that help you select the right campaign objective, along with bidding options. For example, Google Search campaigns are most suitable for lead generation, while Google Display campaigns are fit for awareness. There are other options available to create dynamic campaigns for your business.

Depending on your requirement, you can select pay per click, pay per thousand impressions, or pay per conversion. It helps you achieve goals and improve your business’s growth.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is known for its targeting options. Furthermore, it also provides flexibility to choose campaign objectives similar to Google Ads. You can also test your ad creatives and audiences with the help of the A/B testing option. Facebook also has great bidding options to help you find the most effective bidding strategy.

Facebook ads are the best to use with a combination of visual and written hook.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are paid advertisements that are contracted with Facebook (as Instagram is owned by Facebook). Advertisers “pay per click” for their ads. Instagram is a visual platform, so all ads have to contain appealing-to-your-audience images or videos. Instagram is perfect to target millennials, as 18-34 make up 62.7% of Instagram users.

DON’T FORGET: most of these platforms and ads are a path to your website. If you have a low-converting website, you are just wasting your advertising budget!

The Keys to Your Digital Ads Campaign's Success:

digital ad campaign tips

Know Your Audience

Thoroughly thinking about your ideal customer profile will be crucial to the success of your campaign. If you don’t, you might just have thrown your budget out the window! Let me give you an example: you are selling some luxury cars. The ad is amazingly designed, appealing, and convincing, but the audience you selected is too broad. Because you are selling an expensive car, the majority of the social media users who click on your ads cannot afford it, so only a few of them will purchase it.

A smarter alternative to using your campaign is to pay a little bit more per click and reach only a limited number of people who can afford your expensive item. Perhaps an audience with the financial resources that come with a specific job title, or someone who has recently purchased luxury items.

Know Your Competition

Competitors are always a great source of learning. Knowing your competition helps improve the quality of your products. And if you can offer products or services better than competitors, you can grab the opportunity to please customers and and grow your business.

Be Creative

As I just mentioned, you need to know what your competitors are doing and adjust your branding accordingly, differently, and in a better way! Creativity and innovation are the keys to staying competitive.

Constantly Update with New Data

Keep track of the data that is provided by your advertising platform and use it to refine your campaign.

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