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DIY website platforms offer basic template with very limited customisation options and inferior quality user experience. If your competition is non existent, you can go by with a simple DIY website that provides basic information about your business and contact info. If you operate in a highly competitive industry or community (Sydney local business or online), you need to have a website better or at least as good as your competitors, including high loading speed, engaging, interactive, informative, mobile optimised, SEO friendly, high quality of user experience (UX) and tailored to your brand and target customer. 

A quality web development takes knowledge of coding, web technology, marketing, graphic design and content writing that take years of learning and practice. 

Trying to save a bit of money can cost you a lot of business to your competitors.

Not at all! All our websites are custom-made, so if you need some pages or a blog you can edit, let us know and we can add some plugins to make it easier to self manage. We also offer a monthly maintenance option for our customers so we can take care of the technical and content updates for you.


SEO generally starts to show results within six to twelve months. SEO results are demonstrable increase in traffic. This does not necessarily imply that you will have reached your goal by this time, but any company engaging in SEO should expect to see results within this timeframe.

It’s impossible to give a number that applies to all websites. 

The results of a SEO campaign depends strongly on your competitors’ SEO, which is why it’s crucial to start with an SEO competition analysis.

SEO is the principle of optimising a website to achieve the best ranking possible on a search engine such as Google, through techniques such as keywords content optimisation and referencing. SEO is an “organic” type of campaign, as there is no transaction with Google.

Google Ads are paid advertisements that are contracted with Google. Advertisers “pay per click” for their ads. These ads show on the top of the search results page for specific keywords. 

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