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How Does Google’s New Algorithm Update “MUM” Affect Your SEO?

Before diving into the MUM update, the new algorithm that will supposedly change the SEO game, let’s understand what Google algorithm updates are and how they affect your search presence.

Google makes changes in its algorithm to match users’ queries. It refines search results with the help of AI and Machine Learning. With more updates, search results become more refined. Hence, your website must be up-to-date and Google algorithm-friendly.

What is this new SEO game-changer, the “MUM” Google Algorithm Update?

“MUM” is programmed to deliver accurate search results in the most relevant format.

MUM (Multitask Unified Model) understands various languages and delivers search results according to relevancy. It is much better than its previous update, BERT.

As an example, let’s assume that you need to buy groceries online. You have entered a broad search query without any specifications. With the MUM update, Google will take a holistic approach to this search query. Google will answer everything you need for a particular search query. Google has explained with an example of MUM update’s influence on search results in this article.

How does this new algorithm affect your website?

For your website to be organically promoted by Google, it needs to be more appealing and relevant to users.

How do you improve your SEO to comply with “MUM”?

Google’s Algorithm Update MUM is designed to deliver content regardless of language and content format.

Landing pages with a mixture of rich content would perform better than text-based content.

If your website serves many countries in various languages, it is ideal to have a multilingual website. Looking for such services? Contact us now.

This update is not a penalty update. It is focusing more on relevant search results and solving users’ queries in a better way.

The ranking of your website won’t be affected by this update. You can get more organic traffic by optimising content for MUM. But it would certainly increase the responsibilities of the webmaster. Are you wondering what the responsibilities of a webmaster are? Below are some of them:

  • Maintaining and updating web pages, graphics, and multimedia.
  • Fixing bugs, errors, or system malfunctions.
  • Ensuring that all links to other sites are working properly.
  • Keeping records of site traffic, such as visits to each page.
  • Providing information about site usage to site administrators.

How to Optimise Your Website for MUM’s Update?

Want your website to be optimised for SEO updates? Get a digital marketing company with professional SEO experts who keep up with search engine trends and updates.

Optimising for MUM includes two factors: content formats and language.

We help with both!

  • Optimising content involves rich media formats such as video, gifs, audio, and animated text. It grabs users’ attention and improves dwell time.
  • Providing content and tone in users’ native language is a considerable UX signal to improve ranking.

Our SEO experts have 10+ years of experience optimising content for search. With our white-hat only SEO and marketing strategywe ensure that every detail is compliant to protect your website from algorithmic updates and penalties.

We optimise your landing pages in a way that meets users’ search queries and helps Google better understand your services. As mentioned earlier, we also design websites in multiple languages, and each language’s content is SEO optimised.

Google updates are uncertain and can affect your rankings. But with white-hat SEO, your website’s growth curve remains steady.

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