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Principles of Professional Website Design

Your website is the most important channel of communication between you and your clients. Your ability to communicate your services efficiently and present yourself in the best light via your website depends on five main factors. A professional website design should be easy to use and engaging.

Creating a first impression with your website design is a key factor in creating a lasting relationship between your business and new customers.

A professional website design should be easy to navigate

A professional website design should make the user experience as easy as possible. The navigation should be intuitive and easy to use. For ranking and optimisation purposes, simplifying your presentation promotes your website and boosts its ranking in search engines. You can also add infographics, colour themes, and cool typography to engage the visual capacity of your visitors.

The content should be consisitent with the UX

Your content needs to be different than your competitors, yet easy to understand and engaging, and consistent with your design and visual content. Having relevant content is an important aspect of engaging and retaining visitors. Your content should be specific to your services, easy to understand, and focused on providing solutions to your customers.

The User Interaction should be engaging

To achieve this interaction, the use of colour, styling, contrast, templates, and several other options is key. Creating this hierarchy is necessary for representing your information and guiding your visitors to take certain actions.

With 63% of internet traffic on mobile, your design needs to be Mobile Friendly

Statistically, users spend more of their time on their mobile devices than on laptops or desktop computers. Optimising your website content for mobile is a great strategy for your website design.

For these reasons, your website should be able to provide the same aesthetically pleasing experience and website features as your desktop version. The mobile-friendly approach also involves mobile-first design, visible illustration, and inclusive mobile device features, among several others.

Technical website performance: a back-end necssity

A great website design focuses on how to optimise the experience of its visitors. Your visitors already have fast load-up interactions with other websites. They also get quick responses from these other websites when they take certain actions. Why should they cut your website any slack? Slow website performance will cause your customers to leave your website and head straight to your competitors.

To get a boost in your website’s performance and overall load-up time, you need to compress your images and optimise your content. You also want to choose a stable hosting service provider for inbound and outbound requests.

Principles of professional website design - What's next?

Standing out from the chaos on the internet might seem like a daunting task. You do not have to break a sweat to stand tall ahead of your competition. We’ve got you covered!

At Sydney Digital Agency, we provide the best website design and optimised content that provides an engaging and interactive channel for your customers. We can help you create a great website that will help your business reach its target audience all over Australia for needed business conversion.

Principles of Professional Website Design

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