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7 Eye-Opening Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Convert [ INFOGRAPHIC ] 

Most clients come to us because their marketing doesn’t perform as well as it should, yet,  they often are reluctant to make changes on their website as they like it as it is. Customer satisfaction is important for us and taking in consideration the client’s taste is part of the job. But guess what? The clients and the designer tastes should be irrelevant when designing a website. The focus needs to be on the target audience. Which brings us to the topic of this article: the reasons why your website doesn’t convert. Let’s explore the possible barriers that you are encountering to a high-converting website.

If you are asking yourself these questions, you are in the right place:

“Why do I have so much traffic but nobody contacts me?”

“Why someone interested in my services didn’t call me back after searching my business online?”

 “Why is my paid advertising campaign bringing useless traffic?”

1. Wrong Target Audience

All your marketing efforts won’t yield results if it reaches the wrong audience. There is no meaning of aiming in the dark. You will waste your arrow resulting in zero conversions. And you will be shocked to know that 80% of content marketing efforts is targeted at the wrong audience. This alone could be the reason why your website doesn’t convert. That’s why any marketing process starts with audience research. It is the most critical process because it encircles your marketing efforts. Whether it is social media marketing, Google Ads, or SEO, defining the right target audience is essential. Looking to find out if you’re reaching the right audience? Google Analytics can answer it.

2. Website Loading Speed

Nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer. 

It is nearly 2023. And people want to make a purchase more easily than ever. Slow loading speed is one of the critical factors that influence decision-making. Furthermore, most cart abandonments are either due to poor user experience or a lack of security. And it is crucial for mobile devices.

Want to measure your website’s loading speed? Google has developed PageSpeed Insights tool to help you out. You can also check what is hindering your website’s speed.

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3. Engagement

Content engagement is a common cause of poor website experience. The goal of your content is to engage the visitor, address their pain points and motivate them to contact you!

Is your content interesting?

Does it address the challenges of your audience and bring them value?

If not, you should review your content strategy, as lack of engagement is often why your website doesn’t convert. 

Your content should be the perfect blend of text, images, and rich media like videos or animations. Furthermore, it should also resolve users’ problems in an interesting way.

It needs to display what you want the visitors to think about your business: your desired brand image.

As Don Draper, notorious Ad Men character of Mad Men said:

Don Draper GIF about brandimage. Webite conversion and content.

4. Mobile Optimisation

Everyone has a smartphone. In fact, 63% of internet traffic is on mobile devices. Optimising your website for mobile devices is an essential step for successful marketing campaigns. Don’t want to spend time on mobile optimisation? Get optimised mobile website for your business from us!

Mobile-friendliness impacts user experience. Hence, poor UX leads to lower engagement and conversion rates. Poor UX on mobile devices also impacts brand reputation.

At Sydney Digital Agency, we also develop mobile-first designs if your primary audience is on mobile devices.

5. Differentiation & Creativity

If your website is not different from your competitors, it will be forgotten. To be memorable, your website must STAND FROM THE DIGITAL CHAOS. A creative and unique online experience is a must as a website is the front face of the brand’s online experience.

Furthermore, your website should be built around the brand’s core message and identity. A website’s interface should also resonate with the brand’s message and target audience.

While developing a website, focus on target audience, technology, content, and brand’s unique value proposition. It will help you get a better conversion rate.

6. Logical Website Structure

Website visitors want to solve their problems within no time. Website structure built according to your visitors improves website’s engagement and conversion rate. Good UI is not enough; it should be designed with logic. Additionally, we should A/B test it on a frequent basis.

Do you have an eCommerce store? This blog offers website architecture tips to improve conversion rates.

Logical structure includes UI/UX, content frame, web elements, web page hierarchy, navigation, and accessibility. Make sure you’ve optimised all.

7. Too Many CTAs

Confusion leads to nothing! That being said, your website should have a clear call to action. Your website structure guides users to take specific actions. Too many CTAs confuses users and leads to lower engagement and conversion rate. Having one or two CTA is enough for most websites.

Make sure your CTA sounds interesting and effective. It should also capture the user’s attention. Experiment enough to get the best result from your CTA.

Use actionable anchor text for your CTA. Make sure you’re consistent with your brand’s identity. Before placing CTA, ensure that your website has a good UX.

infographic on less conversion rate of your website

In Conclusion

Did you find out why your website doesn’t convert? Website conversion rate gets affected due to the above reasons. Testing and improving these 7 factors are keys to having a successful landing page or website.

Hope that we have answered all of your queries. Need a high-converting website? Reach out to us via contact@sydneydigitalagency.com.au.

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