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Catering Website Design and develoment portfolio and Development Portfolio

Web Design For A Deli and Caterer

Millee’s Deli is a Kosher Deli and Kosher caterer in Rosebay, Sydney. The Deli offers traditional homemade food, the caterer serves refined dishes and buffets for family, social and professional events. 

The challenge was to create a website that display their homemade traditional deli meals and the catering refined food. The interactive design encourage to consult a menu that is changing weekly. 

This colorful and interactive website perfectly fit the design mindset of their style.

Hybrid Classic, E-commerce For A Beauty Therapist With A Booking Platform

Meraki Skin& Beauty is a certified beauty therapist with years of experience in skin, laser and beauty treatments. 

The challenge was to create a website that was informative about the treatments offered by the salon, but also integrate a booking platform and e-commerce integration for beauty products.

This website was created to communicate to a female audience, providing information about treatments, booking appointments online and selling cosmetics and accessories online. The website was designed and developed by Sydney Digital Agency and the content was provided by the salon.

Content provided by client.

Website Design for Skincare Brands

Web Design For An Boutique Property Developer

Biali Concept is a boutique property develompent company. Their business predominantly focuses on boutique luxury apartments and exclusively designed architectural homes extending to residential subdivisions and mixed-use developments. 

The challenge was to create a simple simple and minimalist, yet, elegant one page design, incorporating a specific set of visual content. 

This simple, minimalist and elegant website perfectly fit the design mindset of their brand.

Web design and develoment portfolio for Biali Concepr, property developer
Web design and development project for Moman Productions Videographer

Web Design For A Videographer

Moman Productions in a videographer freelance business.

The challenge was to create a website that was informative about the services and the value the video services offer while keeping the attention focused on the portfolio. 

This website was created to communicate to business owners who needs to increase their online presence and display the creative skills of the Moman. 

Content provided by client. 

Web design and development project for Minuteman Press Parramatta Printer

On-Demand Printing And Signage

Minute Man Press Parramatta is a franchise of a national brand Minute Man Press.
The challenge was to write algorithms that enable automated quotes based on requirements such as dimension, type of paper, and other specifications.
Sydney Digital Agency created a custom-coded, one-of-a-kind eCommerce website that allowed for on-demand printing as well as reservations for bigger purchases. This was accomplished by developing an aesthetically beautiful, high-converting, and simple-to-use platform for both customers and printing staff.

Handmade Rugs E-shop

Veeraa is an e-commerce store that sells hand-made rugs and accessories in Australia.

The challenge was to create an elegant website that reflected the quality of the product and assisted customers to purchase products with large dimensions.

This website was created to display the quality of the product and suggest display scenarios to enable website visitors to visualise the products in their home. 

Content provided by client. 

Ecommerce we design project for Veeraa Rugs

Swimwear E-shop

Innovate Disability Carers a registered NDIS disability care service provider in Sydney, Australia. 

This website was created to target people suffering from disability and their families, with an emphasis on 60 years old plus. The user experience was designed with large fonts and bold colors and bright buttons to make it easy to see and navigate.


Illustration & SEO focus website

Illustration is the trend! 

The mission of Home Affordability Solutions is to empower hardworking individuals who meet their financial obligations to achieve homeownership. 

This challenge required translating intricate financial concepts into easily digestible information. 

The company aimed to depart from the traditional; sometimes plain, image of the financial industry by providing a more engaging and user-friendly digital experience, as well as focussing on SEO.

website design mockup

Sydney Mortgage Broker

Fast Track Financial Group, a successful mortgage broker in Sydney, aimed to diverge from the traditional branding and somewhat dull perception of the financial industry.

Their goal was to offer a more engaging, fun and user-friendly digital experience. To achieve this, Sydney Digital Agency delivered a custom website strategy, including bespoke design, development, SEO optimisation, and content delivery (in collaboration with a third-party financial content specialist). 


The resulting website was refined yet simplistic, ensuring ease of use and comprehension for visitors who may not be familiar with finance.

Luxury Residential Builder

Steller Group is one of the fastest growing building companies in Sydney. 

The challenge was to create an elegant website that could speak to both construction professionals and homeowners with two very different visuals (commercial carpentry and luxury residential).

We delivered a re-branding, web design & development project, with a minimalist and interactive design, fully SEO ready, in order to meet the client’s objectives. 

Construction Website Design and Development Portfolio for builder

Multilingual Web Design Agency

Horizon Multilingual Web Design Agency is Sydney Digital Agency’s international sister agency.

As Horizon Multilingual Web Design Agency also operates in Europe (France, Switzerland and Belgium), the site needed to be flexible to different cultures and ways of doing business, and easy to navigate for visitors who speak different languages.

This website was refined yet simplistic, easy to use and to understand for website visitors for whom French or English are not the first language. The content and messaging was adapted to the European business culture. 



horizon multilingual website

Bilingual Interactive Website

Our latest addition to our portfolio. Le Palais du Chocolat is a chocolate Artisan in France. They serve exclusively businesses with Gift Boxes for their Stakeholders. 

The challenge was to create an elegant & minimalist website that could display the craftmanship of the artisan in English and French.

We did a full rebranding (logo by Sydney Digital Agency) and designed a snap-scroll, biligual and interactive website. 

Content provided by client.

Sydney Digital Marketing Agency Web Design Wine Merchant Multilingual


International Wine Merchant

Prima Wines is an Australian international wine merchant that exports all over the world.

The challenge was to create an interface and content that could resonate with audiences of different countries and cultures. This website was created to be refined and speak to European and Japanese audiences.

Working closely with Marketable Strategies, we developed an interface that is globally appealing and created different copy strategies in English, French and Japanese. The content was written by native French and Japanese writers, for an immersive experience and culturally appropriate communication.

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