Top Web Design Features We Provide to Our Clients

Top Web Design Features We Provide To Our Clients

As we already saw in our previous post, The 5 Key Elements of Web Design, good design helps users gain useful information effortlessly. Today, we will explain how Sydney Digital Agency implements their user experience strategies through the Top Web Design Features We Provide to Clients.

With constant technological changes, there are thousands of ways to design websites to delight customers. Let’s have a look at Sydney Digital Agency’s signature web features:

Font Animations

Font animations aren’t new, but they’re one of the most effective ways to draw users’ attention to important information on a website.

It increases user engagement and dwell time on the website. Frame text, swipe, type, slide, appear, stripe, and curtain type are just a few of the animation effects available.

But it’s more complicated than just adding an animation. Animation tends to slow websites down, therefore; all our websites are being speed-optimised before we deliver them.

Scrolling Transformation

Scrolling transformation is one of the most challenging web design features to include. It’s the perfect blend of creativity, usability, and interactivity.

Creative agencies, gaming studios, architecture firms, and other creative businesses benefit the most from this revolution.

It’s fantastic for SEO because it lowers the bounce rate dramatically. If you want to create a single-page website with a multi-page experience, scrolling transformation is your best option.

Minimalist Web Design

A minimalist web design is ideal if you want to remove all the clutter and focus on the core elements of your website.

Its loading speed and performance are significantly improved due to the UI’s minimalism. To set themselves apart, several prominent firms are employing minimalist websites.

Because there is less clutter, the conversion rate is higher. It also makes navigation easier and requires less maintenance.

3D Interactions

It’s ideal for a product-based business. It aids in exhibiting your product in a 360-degree view. It also allows users to view a 3D model of a product before purchasing it.

Designing such a website is difficult since developing such CSS and JS takes years of experience and devotion. However, if you need an eCommerce website and want to stand out from the crowd, it is worthwhile to invest.

It enhances the brand’s reputation as well as client loyalty. With the use of 3D interactions, customers can get a visual experience of your goods.

Above-the-Fold Content with Background Videos

Looking to grab a user’s attention as soon as they land on your website? The best choice for integrating is to use background videos. Movement on websites helps users stay on websites, as it seems like they are live.

Users can understand content more quickly than text and image formats. The presence of video on a website is also a user experience signal that helps a website rank higher in search engines.

Optimised videos don’t make the loading speed slow. You can also integrate videos from YouTube.


I hope you found this blog useful in learning about the current web design trends and features. Feel free to contact us at if you need a bespoke website developed in Sydney with spectacular features.

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