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Optimising Your Website to Improve Customer Experience

Interaction between customers and your company through your website is a big part of your customer experience. With the digitalisation of several business processes, a successful customer experience is a strategy that can help your customers have an enjoyable time on your website while also leading to sales. Investing in this enjoyable experience for customers should make their interaction with your business website seamless from start to finish.

The lines that follow explain effective steps to optimise your website for a better customer experience.

Load Up Time

Several different websites on the internet provide different services. Customers interact with different websites daily and have an average experience and expectation. For this reason, your customers already have an idea about the time it takes to load up a website. Even a one-second delay in loading up your website may result in a loss of conversions and a decrease in customer satisfaction.

A slow load-up time will also affect your ranking. As your customers are bouncing from your website earlier than average, the search-ranking bots are taking note and dropping you down the pecking order. You can run a website speed test with different tools to find out how your website is doing and how you can improve the load-up time.

Personalise Your Content

Have you ever gotten an email that refers to you by your name? Well, this is a popular strategy for personalising the content for customers. Customers and website visitors are likely to make a purchase when they get personalised options based on their past purchasing activities. Providing your customers with the content that they need will help them reach your checkout point and improve their overall website experience.


A key factor to add to your website is a search bar. For easy navigation, an effective search bar will help your customers find the services they need easily. Are you wondering why a search bar is essential for navigation? Well, not all visiting users on your website start at the beginning of the sales funnel. Of course, your marketing campaign that targets your specific audience with specific deals could be the reason why they are on your page. A search bar will help a new visitor skip past the customer journey to arrive directly at the deal you are offering.

Live Chat

Aside from the fact that your website is an around-the-clock representation of your business, a 24-hour live chat option provides a better customer experience. Customer service is having a revolutionary period with live chatbots and customer service agents ready to answer questions from customers. Interestingly, live chat features now come with modern-day websites. Your website should have live chat features that provide customer care services to your customers so they can attend to enquiries as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

For businesses that offer products and services, having a rating and review section is beneficial to them. This section of your website helps you collect feedback and respond to it while you work on implementing the feedback for a better customer experience.

Your customer review section also helps with marketing to new customers. With the positive feedback and personal responses from your business to them, new customers will feel comfortable making their orders without any doubt.

Like what you read? Here is an infographic to summarising the key takeaways:

website optimisation infographic

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