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Why is Having a Well Mobile Optimised Website Necessary?

Hi there! As you are tech -avvy enough to access this article, it’s safe to assume that you own a mobile phone! With the possibility of going online everywhere and at anytime, today’s customer can make educated choices on the spot without having to visit your store or speak with a salesperson. So, how can you reach them in the online world? Well, the answer is simple: go where people spend time and shop: on their phones! In order to do so, you need a mobile-friendly websiteA mobile-optimised website influences both the consumer’s experience and search engine optimisation, impacting your website’s Google ranking.

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What is Mobile Optimisation?

To have an optimised user experience, mobile optimisation is the science of adapting a website design and interface to a mobile device. According to Google, in 2022, website designers should focus on designing interfaces for small screens.

Mobile browsing is convenient for everyone, and not having a communication strategy adapted to this specific device can result in missing some great opportunities.

Mobile optimisation should be a priority for your company because it is a crucial part of your consumers’ experience and of search engine optimisation, influencing your website’s Google ranking.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Optimised Website for Potential Customers?

People come to your website for a reason: to view your content or products. However, if they experience a poorly designed interface, a confusing navigation system, or photos that won’t load, they are likely to leave your website and go to one of your competitor’s!

You wouldn’t make it difficult to access products in a physical store, so why would you do it online?

People visiting your website are potential buyers, so no matter which device they use, it’s best to give them the best customer experience possible.

Why is Google So Concerned with Mobile Optimisation?

With so many people surfing on their phones, it’s important for Google to prioritise the devices that the majority of its users choose.

What appears in search results is determined by Google’s ranking scheme, and Google has started indexing mobile-first. 

This means that the mobile version of your website is predominantly used by Google’s algorithms to list and position it in search results. It’s in Google’s and other search engines’ best interests to have the best available experience for their customers, so they’ll serve up results that agree with those goals.

If you want Google to show your content to a lot of their customers, you need to play along and follow their rules. This requires the development of a mobile-friendly website.

Not sure if your website is mobile optimised? Contact us, and we will send you a free website audit!

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