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SEO Trends in 2023 & Its Impact on Search Visibility

SEO is an ever-changing game. In 2023, huge innovations in search engine algorithms are coming up! Each major update will have the potential to impact website visibility!

With major updates, there will be a decrease in the ranking of improperly maintained or unresponsive websites, as well as websites containing poor-quality content.

In this article, our SEO expert went through the predictions of major Search Engine Algorithm updates.

As an SEO agency, we keep an eye on how Search Engine algorithms affect the ranking of our clients and will provide you with the five main types of SEO game-changer updates.

Google isn’t the only search engine, but when it comes to innovation, it leads the way. Google is aware of the practice of some digital marketers and so-called SEO experts practicing black hat SEO, the practice of dubious SEO techniques used against search engine guidelines, to get a fast ranking in search engine algorithms.

Black hat SEO success is often short-term, though, as Google tends to penalise websites affected by such practices.

Blog table of content:

1. Depth of content over length

In other words, quality over quantity! Content depth is the measure of coverage of the authenticity and wholeness of topic. A minimum length is necessary, but the quality of the content is the most important.

But why does it matter to Search Engines?

Google prefers content written by domain experts that is relevant to search queries, explains the whole topic, and is engaging. The simpler and more thorough the content is, the better experience it can provide.

In-depth content also attracts natural backlinks and builds high domain authority. Web pages with thin content often don’t describe the entire topic or context.

Even for eCommerce websites, it’s important to have sufficient and relevant information on each product page.

Furthermore, pages with in-depth content index faster on Google.

2. Backlinks will still be important

Backlinks will continue to be important because they help Search Engines understand the E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) of a website.

Getting backlinks for the sake of it is a dangerous strategy. Low-quality and spammy backlinks will hurt your ranking in the long term.

Google uses algorithms that detect spammy backlinks. According to Google’s SPAM policy, Google considers links as an important ranking factor and monitors backlinks created with the intention of manipulating rankings.

3. Human-generated content v/s AI content

Let’s understand it from the user’s perspective. Do you know why users search on Google? They want actionable advice or quick solutions to their problems.

AI content tends to be more generic than specific. Human-generated content has real-life experience. And experience speaks!

AI content has a lack of accuracy, creativity, and depth. As explained earlier, the depth of content is important for Google.

Human-generated content performs better when it comes to engagement. Although AI content is inexpensive, it violates Google’s guidelines. And can potentially damage your website’s reputation.

Google considers AI content spam and penalises websites with AI-generated content. For organic ranking, AI content is a big NO!

Instead, we should focus on adding value to our readers. In that way, you can help users and create brand recognition.

Google will continue to improve algorithms to detect AI content and emphasise human-generated, unique, and in-depth content.

4. There will be one more E in E-A-T

E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) term has been popular since 2018. It is the measure of a website’s topical expertise. Having E-A-T on your website is helpful for organic ranking.

In 2022, Google added “Experience” to define content’s strength. And for the upcoming years, it is going to be crucial. Google emphasises it more for health and pharmaceutical niches.

So, how do you optimise your website for EEAT?

By sharing your experience with the readers!

To improve E-E-A-T, your content must be authentic, real, and research-based. This helps Google serve the best content to its users. E-E-A-T improves the credibility of a website. The more credible your website is, the better for users!

5. Will require improved user experience

Websites with good UX will be more important in 2023. It helps users grab information easily. The more relatable your UI, UX will be good. Google counts better user experience as a positive ranking signal. Having a good UX means solving a visitor’s problem in a creative way. And Google improves the ranking of websites that aim to solve users’ problems.

A website’s conversion rate heavily depends on the user experience. Good UI is not enough for better UX. Intuitiveness, ease of navigation, and brand recognition are must for improved UX.

In 2023, you should start A/B testing to analyse the best-performing landing page. It’ll improve UX by analysing less-performing sections of your website.

In Conclusion

SEO will continuously evolve in 2023. Hence, website owners must have a strategy to improve organic ranking. Your strategy must include UX, backlinks, authority, and content.

Any changes in the algorithm impact search visibility. That’s why aligning and preparing your website for upcoming updates is necessary.

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