important features to consider for website re-design

5 Important Features to Consider for a Website Re-design

Looking into re-vamping your website? That’s a great idea. As your business evolves, so does its environment, and your marketing should constantly adapt. From web design to SEO, all of your decisions should be based on facts rather than what you think or like. But how do you know what to change and how to change it? Let’s start by checking out the 5 Important Features to Consider for a Website Redesign.

In order to have a high-converting website, there are a few factors to consider. The goal of a website is to share information or sell services and products. Therefore, it should be designed by keeping your audience profile and data in mind, not based on personal tests. Let’s dig in!

Catch up with web design trends and technologies for a flawless re-design

Year after year, you may have experienced how technologies, trends, and user experiences are changing. It’s most likely that after a few months, your website will need updates to not become obsolete. Clients want new experiences and products from your business.

Hence, it is necessary to adapt your website to new trends to remain competitive and keep your customers engaged. A few of the new trends in 2022: hyperpersonalisation and 3D product modelling for e-commerce.

The most important feature to have in 2022 is mobile optimisation. Over 60% of all traffic happens on mobile devices, and Google penalises search engine rankings for websites that do not have good mobile optimisation.

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Profile your customers

Before starting any work, you must understand who your audience is and what value your products and services will bring to their lives.

In order to achieve high conversion rates, your content and layout must be tailored to your audience.

Website re-design and content upgradation

Content is key for both users and search engines.

Search engines need to be able to find the right keywords on your website, and the content needs to be of interest to website visitors but also lead to your call-to-action in a seamless manner.

A holistic approach to content is necessary while planning your website re-design. Your website should have the perfect blend of text, images, videos, and other interactive elements.

Sydney Digital Agency Exclusive Tip: Search Engines have algorithms that analyse the uniqueness and relevancy of the content. The more relevant and unique your content is, the higher your website will rank!

Use SEO best practices

We can’t ignore the importance of a fully optimised website. It’s one of the main factors that influence SEO. There are primarily five factors to consider.

  • Meta Tags,
  • Website Architecture,
  • Internal Links,
  • URL structure
  • Website loading speed

It’s necessary to have these elements flawlessly set up if you want to get results with your SEO strategy.

Pick the right UX expert

It can stand you in good stead to choose a web design expert for your website re-design. Professionals have hands-on expertise in the top web design features and will design a high-converting website with a strategy based on your target audience and goals.

Takeaway of 5 Important Features To Consider For A Website Re-design

These are some evergreen points you must consider when redesigning your website. But for a truly competitive web design, the best is to employ an agency that has a content strategist, a marketing strategist, a developer, a UX expert, and an SEO expert. Contact us to tell us about your project!

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