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Your website is THE FACE OF YOUR BUSINESS, and therefore the centre of your digital lead generation campaign. Designing a competitive website for lead generation isn’t easy.

Marketers know that websites are core to everything they do. This is why, when creating a digital marketing strategy, 35% of the research alone focuses on the website.

The website is the converter tool. Your social media efforts, email marketing, and conference contacts are intended to drive traffic to your website, where you may convert them.

This is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign: to get people to raise their hands willingly to ask for more information or express interest in your services.

It’s possible that your goal is to generate more leads, or better leads, or leads that convert faster or provide more value. But, no matter your goal, it’s all about generating the leads YOU NEED.

The questions to create a competitive website for lead generation

To convert your website into a lead generation machine, certain skills are required. The main ones are technical knowledge, marketing strategy skills, web design skills, user experience expertise, copywriting skills, SEO expertise, and many more to come. Business owners can’t focus on their business if they learn every skill. Thus, it is advisable to hire a full-service digital agency to compete strongly.

Who is your target audience?

The internet is full of websites from your competitors. Why would prospects stay on your website instead of your competitors’?

In order to speak to your audience, you must create an interface BESPOKE to your target audience and therefore define WHO THEY ARE.

What problem do you solve for them?

Most start-ups talk about themselves. If you only talk about yourself, your prospects will not understand the value that is in it for them. ADDRESSING A PROBLEM they are experiencing and HOW YOU CAN SOLVE IT is crucial. 

Don’t focus on yourself. Or visitors won’t see the value in them.

Are they tech-savvy?

THE AGE OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE strongly influences their capability to use different functions. If your services are for baby boomers, your interface needs to be easy to navigate and very simple. However, if your target audience is generation Z, you might need something creative and interactive.

Is your website optimised for different devices?

Do you know that 60% of the website traffic is coming through mobile devices? Thus, your website must be optimised and responsive for all devices.

According to Google, visitors who experience a poor mobile website visit are 62% less likely to purchase from that brand in the future than if they have a positive experience, no matter how effective the strategy was to lead them to the site. (source: GOOGLE)

SDA Tip: depending on the principal use of the website, we sometimes start to work from the mobile version to move to the desktop version.

Is your website optimised for search engines?

An awesome design will help to keep the attention of your visitors. But before they arrive at your website, they need to find it. Your website and content must be OPTIMISED FOR SEARCH ENGINES.

Want to learn more about SEO? Learn how the new Google algorithm affects Google’s ranking.

Designing a competitive website for lead generation: a complex, but rewarding task

Designing a website that can get the leads you want is a complex task and involves a substantial investment. However, it can become extremely profitable once you have the right formula to generate and convert leads.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us for marketing strategy and web design packages.

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