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Decoding Google’s Gemini Model | Everything You Need to Know

With the popularity of ChatGPT from OpenAI skyrocketing, companies like Google and Microsoft are under pressure to develop their own AI models to compete in that space. Gemini is the flagship AI tool from Google that has created a disruption in the industry. Gemini is a renamed version of Bard AI from Google and promises to deliver an easy-to-use, multimodal AI assistant. By multimodal, it means Gemini can now understand queries not only in text but also in audio, images, video, and even programmes or codes, etc.

So, let’s look at how Google Gemini AI works, its advantages and disadvantages, and how it stands apart from other AI tools like ChatGPT, CoPilot, etc.

How does Google Gemini AI work?

Gemini AI is your go-to assistant that is powered by the latest and most advanced neural networks and trained with huge datasets of data for years, including text, videos, audio, programming, literature, science, etc. So, if you ask Gemini AI a question, it will immediately use its vast knowledge and provide you with a suitable answer in seconds.

Even though the AI technology is still in its early stages, you will be pretty amazed with the capabilities of Gemini AI and what it can offer. Whether you need an answer to a trivial question, a query on science and technology, a historic doubt, or a programming query, Gemini AI can fulfill all your requirements in a jiffy.

Gemini is available in 3 versions:

  • Gemini Ultra — advanced model capable of doing complex tasks.
  • Gemini Pro — professional model for handling various tasks.
  • Gemini Nano — efficient model for handling quick tasks on various devices.

Google Gemini AI – Features:

Powerful Language Model: Gemini is a multimodal AI assistant, which means that unlike ChatGPT, which can handle only text, Gemini, on the other hand, can excel in generating outputs in various information types like audio, video, images, scripts, etc. 

Seamless Integration: One of the exciting features of Gemini is that it seamlessly integrates with the Google ecosystem, including its various products (Google Docs, Google Slides, Gmail, etc.). It can also be used as a standalone application on your device to get information quickly. This integration makes Gemini a step ahead of its competitors.  Gemini’s unique feature could be a groundbreaking technological advancement, such as a proprietary trading algorithm. This feature not only distinguishes Gemini from competitors but also underscores its dedication to pioneering solutions, in particular in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape.

Multifaceted Approach: Unlike other AI tools, Gemini is not just a chatbot but comes loaded with various AI tools where you can upload images, add a voiceover, or even a coding assistant. Hence, using Gemini will cater to various user requirements, enable casual conversation, and make Gemini your go-to AI assistant.

Constant Evolution: Gemini is still in its early stages, and Google keeps the AI tool updated with constant updates and improvements. Every day, new functionalities and bug fixes are released on its official website. Hence, you can expect more updates and developments in the future.

Gemini in comparison with other tools like ChatGPT

According to Google’s self-assessment, Gemini is deemed superior to ChatGPT, with Gemini Pro showing better performance in tasks like content summarisation and brainstorming. However, user feedback suggests otherwise, noting that Gemini Pro’s results often contain inaccuracies, including struggles with basic facts and translation tasks compared to ChatGPT.

While Gemini is still in its early stages, it might take some time to come out on top in the competition.


As Google continues to refine its AI flagship and undergoes rebranding, it’s evident that a significant development is on the horizon, suggesting that something worth keeping an eye on is underway. Loaded with various exciting features like a multimodal platform, creative output, and quick response times, Gemini is your go-to AI assistant as it also seamlessly integrates with various Google products. For the general audience, Gemini remains the preferred choice, but for professional and advanced users, GPT 3.5 still beats Gemini as the Google AI model still comes with its inconsistency issues and accessibility barriers. If Google can address its weaknesses and add more innovative features soon, Gemini could evolve into a truly transformative AI tool.

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